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The CIO Forum | Now in Its 18th Year

Our conference program is refreshingly different to what you're used to seeing at regular tradeshows and conferences. Why?

  • Built Around Your Needs: We create The Forums conference program based on research and feedback from our clients, senior level IT executives, who like you are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis
  • First class speakers: Conference sessions are led by peers or industry experts, who have a clear understanding of the business obstacles inherent in controlling large technology departments and how they can be managed and resolved.
  • Intimate sessions: Sessions are for small groups of under 25 delegates. This environment encourages attendees to be able to share best practices, successful case studies, and receive opinions and suggestions from their colleagues.  

The entire conference is built around helping you become a more effective executive and opening doors to new perspectives and points of view to help you and your department move forward.


Take part in the program

If you would like to participate in the program or recommend any speakers or topics please get in touch.
2017 / Keynote
2017 / Keynote
  • No Shortcuts To The Top

    Ed Viesturs, Author, World-Class Adventurer and High-Altitude Mountaineer

    Join keynoter Ed Viesturs as he documents “Endeavor 8000” - his goal of climbing the World’s 14 peaks over 8000 meters (26,000’) without supplemental oxygen. This effort took him 18 years to complete - becoming one of only five people to accomplish this feat!

    The themes interwoven within this story are team work, leadership, goal setting, overcoming obstacles, commitment, and risk management. His accompanying images will leave you gasping for air.

    Key points:

    1. Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory.

    2. Listen to your instincts. Don’t get caught up in group think.

    3. Temper your ambition in the face of overwhelming risk. Be patient.

    4. Patience and persistence are keys to success, but passion is the most critical ingredient.

    5. Teamwork, regardless of the industry, is the same: It is an implicit trust in, and recognition that the person next to you is No. 1.

    Ketchum, Idaho resident Ed Viesturs is widely regarded as this country’s foremost high-altitude mountaineer. He is familiar to many from the 1996 IMAX Everest Expedition documentary and in 2002, he was awarded the historic Lowell Thomas Award by the Explorer’s Club for outstanding achievement in the field of mountaineering. In winning the award, he joined an elite group of climbers including Sir Edmund Hillary

    Viesturs has successfully reached the summits of all of the world’s fourteen 8000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen, an 18 year project he christened Endeavor 8000. His goal was completed on May 12, 2005 with his ascent of Annapurna one of the world’s most treacherous peaks. He is one of only a handful of climbers in history (and the only American) to accomplish this. That year Viesturs was awarded National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year.


2017 / Industry
2017 / Industry
  • Overview of Current Cyber Threats and how the FBI Investigates Cyber Intrusion

    Supervisory Special Agent Enrique Alvarez, FBI San Francisco

    Join FBI Supervisory Special Agent Enrique Alvarez for a presentation on current cyber threats taken from FBI investigations and how the FBI investigates cyber crime. SSA Alvarez will provide an overview of how malicious cyber actors perpetrate cyber crime, who they target, and how they are or...


    Augmented and Virtual Reality in Full Bloom

    Michael Mathews, Chief Information Officer, Oral Roberts University

    Michael Mathews will demonstrate and discuss the innovative way that Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) can connect and align education with the workforce. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, which is the gold standard of classifying educational goals for student and worker perf...


  • Leveraging Data Innovation

    Hemal Gandhi, VP IT, Capital One Financial Corporation

    During the last few years, being data driven is top priority for organization success. It requires the right combination of organizational data culture, governance process, and a scalable data platform. With data technology landscape changing so fast organizations are facing lot of challenges ...


    The Business Equation, and Engaging Your Workforce

    Khalil Smith, Founder, Smith + Grey, LLC and Former Senior Training Leader, Apple Inc.

    “Our people are our greatest resource.”

    Have you heard that before? Have you said that before? Do you believe it?

    This session is focused on the critical elements that make up successful organizations through a people and culture focused lens. You will take a dive into the part...


    Fostering Culture from the Front

    Ashley Sprague, Head of IT, Quora

    Positive, passionate culture doesn't just happen by hiring the right people -- it begins with you as a Leader. By providing a framework of autonomy, innovation, mutual trust and transparency, the right culture will not only allow the best talent to thrive, but create a team experience that ot...


2017 / Discussion Groups
2017 / Discussion Groups
  • Discussion Group: Digitization & Setting the IT Table

    Moderated by your peers

    Once the decision for digital transformation is made, the next step can define the role (and future) of the IT Department for years to come: who will lead? The person/people defining the parameters and goals will set the position of IT – and the CIO -- within the organization.

    But it...


    Discussion Group: Maintenance Over Innovation

    Moderated by your peers

    Inspired by a recent Freakonomics podcast, this discussion group will take on the “innovation obsession” and wonder if all this focus on re-invention is costing us. More and more, innovation and driving the business is demanded of us, but we cannot forget that system maintenance will cost us...


  • Discussion Group: The State of the IT Department 2017

    Moderated by your peers

    Getting beyond the fads and “nice-to-haves”, this discussion group is a dive into the tangible day-to-day issues we are currently facing as CIOs. Topics to be covered will be released closer to the event.


    Discussion Group: Security 2017

    Moderated by your peers

    Reconnect with peers to catch up on the latest pressures, threats, and tools to protect your assets. Come and share your experiences on the most recent successes (and failures) in IT today, and extract some tangible actions you can take back to your team to make everything a little bit more ...


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